Casino Deposit Methods

On our site you will familiarize yourself with several online methods of payment. It helps you to choose the best way to deposit / withdraw, to preserve and to transfer your money. This information will help you to determine which payment is more convenient for you, how to use them and which are the benefits each of them. Also you will find out where each of this payments is available. We hope that your money will be in secure and after reading all information you will be able to choose the reliable way to preserve your funds and make payments!

This site contains several types of payment methods that can be classified as followings:

  1. Credit / Debit Cards (Visa / MasterCard, Diners Club, Eurocard, Chinese Debit Cards, Laser, Solo, Maestro, etc.) - both types of cards carry familiar credit company logos and both can be swiped at the checkout counter and both can be used to make online purchases. But even though debit and credit cards look and act the same, legal protections and the steps to settle problem purchases are not quite similar.
  2. e-wallets (ewalletXpress, Eco Card, Click&Buy, Click2Pay, myCitadel, UseMyBank, Moneybookers, etc.) - an e-wallet is an online wallet in combination with an online money transfer service . To use e-wallets the customer either pays into his eWallet account directly, or with his registered preferred payment method. Any eWallet account holder can pay a merchant either directly (direct debit to the customer's preferred payment source) or by debit (payment from the available credit balance on the eWallet account).
  3. eChecks (Citadel, Instadebit, etc.) - an echeck is the electronic representation of a paper check and works like a check . You have to write the eCheck using one of many types of electronic devices and "gives" the eCheck to the payee electronically. Then the payee deposits the eCheck and receives the credit, the payee's bank "clears" the eCheck to the paying bank. After that the paying bank validates the eCheck and then "charges" the check writer's account for the check.
  4. Bank / Wire Transfers - online and offline (Bank Transfer, NetPay, Wire Transfer, eNETS, etc.) - a method of transferring funds between bank accounts, the proccess is effected in the following manner: the sending bank transmits a secure message to the receiving bank, requesting that they effect payment in accordance with the instructions given. The actual wire transfer itself is virtually instantaneous, requiring no longer for transmission than a telephone call. The banks involved must either hold a reciprocal account with each other, or the payment must be sent to a bank with such an account, or a correspondent bank, for further benefit to the ultimate recipient.
  5. PrePaid Cards (UKash, paysafecard, etc.) - you can buy prepaid cards from banks and some stores. Your card will have a personal identification number (PIN). You may be able to check your card balance by phone or online. There is usually no fee to use a prepaid card to make purchases or pay bills. But there may be fees to get a card, add money to it, check the balance, withdraw money from ATMs or banks, contact customer service, or replace a lost or stolen card.