900Pay Online Casinos

About 900Pay Deposit Method

900Pay is a patented Navaho service that allows you to deposit funds into any online poker sites or casinos that accepts 900Pay using your home phone. It is a secure payment option that ensures you fast and reliable transaction. With 900Pay you need no credit cards, just a telephone. There are no long-distance charges, no additional fees and all online transactions will appear on your monthly phone bill as a Navaho Networks purchase.

In order to use 900Pay it is not necessary to register, however it will be required to provide your personal information for each transaction made with 900Pay.

Why should I use 900Pay?

There are some reason why it is convenient to use 900Pay:

  • it is secure and easy;
  • 900Pay assures 24/7 Customer Support;
  • it is available for U.S. and Canada residents;
  • the customers need no credit cards, just a telephone;