ActeCash Online Casinos


ACTeCASH is a secure and convenient method to pay online. It was founded in 2001, ensuring an easy-to-use way of online payments. ACTeCASH main concern is to provide an absolutely safe system of security - a comfortable online shopping. ACTeCASH uses Secure Sockets Layer technology. ACTeCASH uses modern technologies that allows customers to pay online using cash and other non-credit cards. ACTeCASH is free of charge except withdrawal.

How does ACTeCASH work?

The personal information that ACTeCASH collects is: name, email address, age, zip code, gender and country of residence.When you make a transaction with ACTeCASH, you will be asked for banking information, including credit card, debit card or bank account information.

It is very important to write your password in a safe place in order to keep confidentiality. You can also change periodically your password and only you have to access your e-mail address.