AMEX - American Express Online Casinos


American Express, known as Amex, is one of the most popular credit card among casino players that offers a safe and secure way to deposit funds into your casino account. Despite the high merchant fees that Amex charges, it still remains a payment method offered by some casinos, as it is highly used by so many gamblers.

The American Express is a convenient way to fund your online gambling account as it offers a rewards program for customers and Amex does not charge any fees from the players. Unfortunately, the number of casinos that accept American Express is relatively small. Nevertheless, a wide range of Real Time Gaming casinos accept Amex as a deposit option.

Amex is accepted in over 200 countries including the USA. Most people who play at online casinos agree that using credit cards are the simplest, fastest and hassle-free depositing option.

How to Use Amex at a Casino

Amex card works as any other credit card. First of all, you will need to find American Express online Casinos and then you simply login to your online casino account and choose Amex as a banking option. You will be asked to introduce your credit card number, security number, name, address, expiry date and to confirm the amount of money you want to deposit. Once done, the transfer takes place instantly and you are ready to start gambling!

American Express can be used not only as a deposit method, but as a withdrawal option as well. Depositing through Amex into your casino player account is easy and it offers the option for higher deposit limits. Using Amex as a withdrawal option can take a bit longer- up to 3-5 days to process. Customers are required to submit some documents demanded by the casino. However, some casinos will not let you withdraw your money using you Amex card. Once you find the site that suits you, including bonuses, games, etc., make sure that it offers American Express as a withdrawal method.

Advantages to Using American Express for Online Casino Deposits

American Express became one of the most preferable payment method for depositing funds, especially for American players. Online Casinos with Amex offers a wide range of benefits for its customers, such as: bonuses, offers, events, additional rewards, travel insurance, discounts etc.

American Express built its reputation in the period of more than 100 years and it is known for being reliable, convenient for its customers and providing low processing fees, fast deposits, and a wide range of cards depending of player's needs. Among the American Express cards available are: credit cards, Prepaid Debit Cards and Charge Cards.

A relevant benefit that players will take advantage of is the larger limits offered and it allows players to make large single deposits from a single card funding you favourite American Express online Casino account.

American Express is a large company that issues a huge number of transactions every day. The problems are fixed quickly and it guarantees a high level of security.