AstroPay and Online Casinos


AstroPay Card is a safe and efficient way for players to fund their online casino accounts. With this method of payment, immediate funds can be added to an account, allowing players to jump right into the action. With this option, players can pay using their local currency. Players will have to register with AstroCard before using and there are no fees that are involved. Once the card is purchased, it can be used at many supporting online casinos, making this an ideal option for players who play at multiple sites. Since the balance on the card does not have to be used at one time, players can make multiple deposits at the same casino or other sites.

How to Register and Purchase Cards

Getting started with AstroPay is simple and safe. Players will start by registering an account by completing a form at the site. An email will then be sent, containing a link to finish the registration process. After registering, one will just select how much they wish to purchase. They will then select a method to use to pay for the card and all card details will be sent through an email.

Once the card is purchased, it can be redeemed at any casino site that supports the use of AstroPay Card. This is a simple way to control what is spent at an online casino and since no personal information is exchanged with the casino site, it is one of the safest ways to add funds to an account.

Using the Card at Casino Sites

To make a deposit at an online casino using the card, just select AstroPay Card as the banking option. Next, enter the 16 digit number that is on the card in addition to the security code. The site will also ask for the expiration date. Once all information is entered, simply select the amount to add to the casino account and the payment will be made immediately.

With AstroPay, players will always remain safe and secure and will never have to provide any online casino with sensitive data. The card cannot be recharged, but another can be purchased, allowing for an easy way to manage funds at an online casino site.