Bitcoin and Online Casinos


Bitcoin is a digital currency that has become very popular. This currency is being used to conduct online purchases, trading actions and even to fund online casino accounts. Bitcoin is not an ewallet or another payment service. It is its own currency, just like the Euro or US Dollar. When players enter a casino site that accepts Bitcoin, they will select that as their currency and this is how all of their casino transactions will be processed. This method of payment is secure and trusted and there are no fees involved because there is no middle-man or parent company that is being used.

How to Use Bitcoin

In order to use Bitcoin at an online casino, players will have to first purchase their Bitcoins. The first thing to do is to create a Bitcoin wallet, which is where the Bitcoin will be stored for future use. There are different websites and programs that are wallets and users will just have to sign up to open an account, which is free and secure. Once a wallet account is set up, one can begin to send and receive Bitcoins. One will be provided a Bitcoin address, which will be between 34 and 36 characters in length. This address will be required to receive any Bitcoin payment online. After all of this is set up, there are many ways to actually purchase Bitcoin, including at or at other merchants online. One will just select how to pay for these, like they would with any other online transaction. When the purchase is compete, the Bitcoin will appear on the wallet and will be ready for use online.

Gambling with Bitcoin

More and more online casinos are accepting Bitcoin as a method of payment and withdrawal and playing with this currency is safe, secure and super easy. Once a wallet is created, players will just have to find an online casino that supports Bitcoin. They will then conduct transactions as they would with any other payment method, always using their Bitcoin address when making withdrawals. Since Bitcoin is an electronic currency, all deposits are processed immediately and there is a very short processing time for withdrawals. At Bitcoin casinos, players can enjoy the action of all types of casino games from slots to the latest live dealer games, all offering real money payouts in Bitcoin.