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About Debit Card

Debit Cards

The Debit Card is a plastic card that allows you to buy goods or withdraw cash, the debit card is linked to your bank account. Usually, the debit cards are used for phone and Internet purchaces. There are 2 types of debit transactions: online (PIN debit / CVV - CVC) and offline (signature debit). Using a debit card you should pay now and you will use your own money.

The differences between Debit and Credit Cards:

The main difference between Debit Card and Credit Card consists in the fact that the debit card allows you to use only your own money, what is in your bank account. With the credit card you can spent more than you have in your account, the bank lends to you the money that you need, but you will repay the amount. It is more easy to obtain a debit card than credit card. The customer is less protected with a debit card. Also using a debit card frees you from checkbooks or carrying cash.

Types of Debit Cards: Visa Electron, MasterCard, Solo, Switch(now:Maestro)-UK, Carte Bleue-France, EC electronic cash-Germany, EFTPOS cards-Australia, New Zealand, Laser-Ireland, Pinpas cards-Netherlands, Bancontact cards-Belgium, etc.

The main features of debit cards!

  • Obtaining a Debit Card is often easier than obtaining a credit card
  • Using a debit card instead of writing checks saves you from showing identification or giving out personal information at the time of the transaction
  • The debit card is a quick, "pay now" product, giving you no grace period
  • Using a debit card may mean you have less protection than with a credit card purchase for items which are never delivered, are defective, or were misrepresented. But, as with credit cards, you may dispute unauthorized charges or other mistakes within 60 days. You should contact the card issuer if a problem cannot be resolved with the merchant