ELV Online Casinos

General information about ELV


ELV ('Elektronisches Lastschriftverfahren' or 'electronic debit procedure') is a non-card payment method supported by WorldPay that is used in Germany and is similar to a direct debit.

If you want to pay with ELV you have to present the following information: your bank account number, your bank code, the name of your bank, your accountholder name and the city where the bank branch resides. It is not necessary to open a separate account or to apply for a specific card. Any person with a German current account can use ELV. ELV is a favourite method of payment by the persons who do not have a credit card.

ELV Processing

The customer's account is charged directly of a direct debit. The transfer of money is handled through the merchant's own bank. In processing an ELV payment, a range of checks are carried out.

Restrictions using ELV

If there is a charge for the previous month ( such as a purchased / reactivated Content ID or contract extensions ), for 6 business days after the due date, the following procedures will be unavailable due to payment processing.

ELV unavailable procedures:

  • Content ID purchase / reactivation / contract extension
  • PlayOnline account cancellation
  • PlayOnline account reactivation
  • Change of payment method