ePassporte Online Casinos

About ePassporte

ePassporte is a serious and big company that deals with online payments. ePassporte is a reliable method to pay online. The company gives you the virtual account, to which is attached two debit cards: Visa Electron ( ATM card ) and Visa Virtual. Visa Electron- to withdraw money from an ATM maschine worldwide; and Visa virtual - the virtual card for online payment. ePassporte may be used to transfer or to withdraw money, to make purchases or to shop online where the Visa is accepted, to receive funds from other ePassporte Account Holders gratuitous.

Visa cards and Visa Virtual account

Obtaining an ePassporte Visa Virtual Account the customers have the possibility to purchase an ePassporte Visa Card for $35.00. With the help of Visa Virtual Account the customers can receive and send money among each other. They can also make online purchases or transfer money into a US Bank Account.

ePassporte security

With ePassporte you can shop online securely and safely and you can withdraw money at over 1 million ATM locations arround the world. ePassporte uses password protected statements that protect customers from frauds. ePassporte uses most sophisticated security techniques and transfers to load funds to customer ePassporte Account are fully protected through the use of Verified by Visa and ePVerify.