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About EPS Online Banking


EPS focus is on making your business more profitable by providing you with the best merchant processing services. It offers a wide range of credit card processing solutions from Point of Sale Terminals, online e-commerce systems, online account reporting, and check verification services. Electronic Payment Systems (EPS) is the Nations Leader in Merchant Credit Card Services.

How does EPS work?

The operation of the system is easy. The retailer swipes a customer's ATM card on the terminal and keys in the payment amount. The cardholder then selects the appropriate bank account and keys in the PIN. After successful connection to the bank, a receipt will be printed for customer and retailer. Some automatic terminals require the cardholder insert his or her ATM card into a terminal machine rather than have the merchant swipe the card.

Payment for each transaction is directly transferred from the payer's bank account to receiver's. The service provider collects a percentage of the payment amount from the retailer.