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About Every Where Money

EveryWhere Money - a convenient way for you to make payments: access to more than 1 million ATM. With EveryWhere Money you receive a prepaid account in a currency of your choice with a payment card attached. The payment card is worldwide accepted and can be used to withdraw money and to purchase with high-street merchants or securely in the internet. Loading an EveryWhere Money Card can be done by bank transfer or by bank deposit.

Every Where Money is a reliable payment method that provides 24/7 Customer Support, detailed statements and 100% security.

How to register with EveryWhereMoney?

If you want to register with EveryWhere Money you should go to w w w . E v e r y W h e r e M o n e y . c o m and choose "Activate your card". Then enter the 13 digit card number found on the back of your card and enter the 6 digit activation key found in your Starter Kit. After that follow the online instructions. Print the Acknowledgment of Receipt Form ( requires login to account ), sign it and return it with a copy of your passport to your sales location. It is very simple and convenient!