EZ-Voucher and Online Casinos

When players are seeking a real money gambling experience at an online casino, they will have to select from a list of trusted payment methods so they can conduct a secure casino deposit. With the deposited money, players can access any game and place wagers to win real payouts. One of the great methods that is being used by many players online is EZ Voucher. Some players may not have the ability to use other methods like Skrill, Neteller or even credit cards. With EZ Voucher, a casino deposit can be made with a simple prepaid option that can be used by those in the United States as well as other countries around the globe.

EZ Voucher Overview

EZ Voucher also goes by the name Paste and Pay and it is a simple method that can be easily used by purchasing an online voucher. The amount on the voucher can then be used at any supporting online casino and will allow players to make instant deposits to their casino accounts. There are no added fees when using this service, so it is quite simple for players to maintain a budget and be in control of their online spending.

Depositing with EZ Voucher

To make a deposit at an online casino with this payment method, players will have to create an account at PasteandPay.com. After creating an account, personal information will be required to verify the player’s identity. A mobile phone number will also be requested and after completing the process, a unique registration number is sent. Once the account is verified, players will register a credit card at the site and this is used to purchase the vouchers.

There are many vouchers that are of predetermined amounts that can be purchased or players can enter a specific amount to be added to their voucher. Every time a voucher is purchased, it will have a unique PIN that must be used to access the funds.

After obtaining the voucher, simply select EZ Voucher form the list of available payment options and enter the PIN and the amount to deposit to the casino account. With this method, players do not have to provide any casino with personal or financial details, allowing for just about every player to have an anonymous experience at an online casino.