FirePay Online Casinos

General information about FirePay

FirePay is an easy and secure online depositing method that works like a debit card. It is free to open a FirePay Account.

FirePay ensures a high developed security, it includes a role-based access control system, double firewalls, ID address filtering and strong encryption. The benefits using FirePay are: 24/7 Support, unlimited payments, instant deposits, fund directly from your bank account and real-time access to funds. You can fund your FirePay account from your bank account or by Visa.

How to use FirePay?

If you want to open a FirePay account you need to provide personal information such as: name and address, a valid e-mail address and a password. You need a FirePay Code Access in order to activate your FirePay account and to can transfer easy and fast from your bank account or by Visa. In order to transfer directly from your bank account, you need to register a U.S. bank account. FirePay will charge a fee when you will transfer money. FirePay provides instant access and you have not to wait for your funds to clear before using your FirePay account.


Unfortunately Firepay has been closed and it doesn't offer any financial services to its customers.