iDEAL Online Casinos

What is iDeal?


Paying in Holland with iDeal is surely a good choice. iDeal is a deposit system that offers secure and fast online payments. iDeal enjoys a high level of acceptance from both vendors and customers alike. It has the full support of all the major Dutch banks. Together, they represent a market share of more than 90%, which means that more than 5 million on-line banking customers can pay with iDeal.

The only prerequisite for iDeal is an acceptance contract with a merchant bank (acquirer) of your choice.

How does iDeal operate?

You place an order with an online store. When you get to the checkout, you simply indicate that you want to pay using iDeal. Click on the iDeal payment button and select your bank. This will take you to your own bank's website, where details of the payment will be presented to you. Your bank will ask you a number of questions in order to authorise the payment. The amount will be debited directly to your current account and the message will be sent to the online store confirming the payment.