InstaDebit Online Casinos

InstaDebit Deposit Method


InstaDebit is a secure way to transfer cash online. With InstaDebit you do not need credit card data or your private information to give to merchants on the Internet. InstaDebit will never give your information to merchants on the Internet.

It uses the higher developed system of security and protects you of frauds. InstaDebit allows you to check up your money. It is no pay for setting up an account or using InstaDebit to purchase something online. InstaDebit allows you to pay to merchants from your Canadian bank account in your Balance Account. With InstaDebit you will not pay any transactions or account setup fees. InstaDebit is available only for Canadian residents. The currencies accepted by InstaDebit are: U.S. and Canadian dollars.

How to open an account via instaDebit?

  1. Provide your personal basic identity ( name, address, telephone )
  2. Provide your 4 digits of your Social Insurance Number, Date of Birth, Bank Account Information
  3. It is so simple!

The Benefits using InstaDebit!

  • Easy to use
  • Secure and private
  • It is free to use InstaDebit
  • Easy to register
  • You can always verify your money