iPoint Online Casinos

About iPoint!

iPoint offers a secure way to purchase phone credit without having to visit a shop or ATM machine. It works anywhere you want, at any time being available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is independent from cellular network providers and does not require any special hardware or particular type of mobile phone. Though iPoint is a new method of payment, it became the most preferred payment solution for players looking for a convenient and fast way to deposit money into their casino accounts. The players that want to use iPoint, need to visit iPoint's website and register for a new account. Once you are signed up, you will be able to send money to iPoint Casinos as well as many other Internet merchants, using your iPoint account. To fund your iPoint account, you simply call, a number they will give you, decide how much to deposit, and then your deposit is charged to your VISA or Mastercard.

iPoint is simply an online account which you can hold your money in, and then make transactions with online gambling sites where credit cards and other methods won't work. iPoint does allow users from the USA to make transactions with online gambling sites.

The advantages using iPoint!

  • secure, fast and reliable payment alternative
  • all transactions are authorized by phone
  • iPoint is 100% free to use, registration is free, deposits are free, and transfers to online gambling sites are also free