MisterCash Online Casinos

About MisterCash!


MisterCash is a secure and reliable debit card option that works on the principle of electronic funds transfer. MisterCash enables consumers to transfer money from their bank account to their Casino Player Account with their MisterCash Debit Cards. MisterCash is available just for Belgium players. It is a combination of Paypal, Ideal and creditcard payments. For payments with Bankcontact MisterCash you need to possess a Belgian Bank Account. With the MisterCash Pay button you can safely pay your purchases online. You just need to have a subscription to Home'Bank (Plus) and know the number of your bank card.

Why to use MisterCash?

  • it is so easy, the only thing you need to do is enter the amount, your card details and a few seconds later the payment is completed
  • is is fast, payment is done immediately
  • the customers take advantages of security, payment is made on a secure channel