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About MoneyBookers


MoneyBookers is a secure and safe method to transfer money online. The funds can be transfered using credit card or debit card. MoneyBookers system was founded in 2003. Security is the main cocern of this company. With MoneyBookers you can transfer money in many countries. Using for the first time MoneyBookers on your name, it will be automatically open a gratuitous account. MoneyBookers helps you if you have an email address, it will provide a secure online payment in a real time!

We can use MoneyBookers in order to ...

  • Transfer money using e-mail and your credit card or bank account
  • Make purchases online
  • Receive money via e-mail

MoneyBookers Benefits!

With MoneyBookers you can make easy payments because you need only of your email address and password for online shopping. MoneyBookers provides service in 12 languages and the customers receive payments through more than 40 international payment options immediately. MoneyBookers protects the customers from frauds and you do not need any additional merchant account for credit card processing.