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About NETeller


NETeller is the money transfer system between merchants and individuals. It is the best way to transfer your money- safe, quickly and convenient. The customers are free to manage and move their money online whenever and wherever they want. With NETeller you can transfer your money worldwide. This system of payment was founded in 1999 and innovated an 'e-wallet' that allows customers to deposit, withdraw and transfer money to any NETeller members. NETeller uses e-wallets to withdraw money from ATM locations worldwide, to send money to other people, around the block or worldwide and to receive funds from merchant. Really, this company is the biggest and the best because it has more than 3 million consumers and payments are accepted by more than 3500 merchants. The divisional offices are in UK, Canada and China. It is 100% secure.

Why to choose NETeller?

  • NETeller is the leader in online solutions
  • NETeller has millions of members, thousands of merchants and billion of dollars worth of transactions each year
  • Financial services span more than 34 languages and 160 countries
  • NETeller oferrs 24/7 Customer Support and is the reliable way to make payments