Net-Pay Online Casinos

About Net-Pay


Net-Pay delivers complete, secure and easy-to-use credit-card processing for e-commerce solutions that enable you to launch your online business quickly and easily. Net-Pay Wallet allows consumers to organize their credit cards and other accounts such as bank, merchant, and/or utility company into one or more virtual wallets. Each wallet is individually password protected to prevent unauthorized access.

Net-Pay is an online payment option focusing on members across the globe. Net-Pay's goal is to provide a free and secure Internet currency account with the ability to either store, transfer, exchange, or spend in all of the alternative Internet e-currencies available. Net-Pay is an online direct deposit for residents in Austria with a NetPay Account.

Why should I use Net-Pay?

  • The customers benefit of secure and fast payments
  • Instant currency transfers to any email address worldwide, even to non-Net-pay customers
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Low costs