Payforit and Online Casinos


With so many players all over the globe using mobile devices to connect with their preferred casino site, it is important for these players to have some trusted methods of payment so they can enjoy the real money games that are offered. With Payforit, mobile payments can easily and quickly be made simply by using the mobile operator and the bill that is attached to the mobile phone account. This method has made it very easy for mobile players worldwide to manage casino accounts and safely conduct casino deposits.

How to Use Payforit

Using Payforit is very simple and within minutes, players can enjoy funded casino accounts and use their mobile device to engage in amazing casino gaming action. To use this banking option, players will visit the cashier and select Payforit as their preferred option. They will then be redirected to the Payforit site, where they will see how much the process will cost and who the vendor is. Once all details are confirmed and a deposit amount is selected, simply click on the Pay Now button and a payment request will be sent to the operator of the mobile device. Players will then receive a confirmation message and can return to the mobile site and play the real money games that are offered.

Benefits of Payforit

When using this banking option, players will never have to provide their financial or personal details to the online casino and there are no registration fees or processes to go through. The purchase that is made will be included in the next monthly bill for the mobile device. When players use this method for recurring deposits, the mobile number is stored and all deposits will be charged to the mobile bill for a fast and convenient way to fund a casino account. The great thing about his service is that it is completely free and no additional fees will be incurred.

Who Can Use Payforit

This method of payment may not be available to all mobile users. It will depend on the carrier that is being used. In order to benefit from the Payforit service, players will have to be a customer of Orange, Vodafone, 3, 02 or T-Mobile. Anyone who has a mobile account with these carriers will easily be able to make use of this trusted payment method.