PaySafeCard Online Casinos

About PaySafeCard payment method


PaySafeCard is a prepaid card that allows you pay on the internet. You do not need a credit card or a bank account. It is very easy, simple and secure. PaySafeCard is Europe's first pre-paid card for online shoping. PaySafeCard is available in Germany, Austria, Greece and Slovenia. With PaySafeCard you can make a deposit in a Casino in a secure way.

How to use PaySafeCard?

It is very simple, find a shop where you can buy a PaySafeCard and choose which value PaySafeCard you will buy. Then use your PaySafeCard to pay online entering the 16-digit PIN code on the website you wish to shop. You can buy PaySafe Card in electronic stores, filling stations or selected internet cafes.

The benefits using PaySafeCard!

With PaySafeCard you benefit of 100% guaranteed payment and there are no reversed transaction costs. Your Pay Safe Card does not have a limited period of validity and you can buy a PaySafeCard in over 90,000 sales outlets all over Europe. In addition you have the possibility to make payments in foreign currencies.