PugglePay and Online Casinos


PugglePay is a payment system that is currently used by thousands of online gamblers and it was originally designed for use by Scandinavian customers, primarily those from Sweden. This payment system provides a way to conduct fast and safe money transactions with just a single click of the mouse. One of the best parts of using PugglePay is that customers will not have to complete any registration forms or any accounts. The payment system will allow fund transfers from a mobile phone, so that all users can quickly and easily add funds to a selected casino account online.

How Does PugglePay Work?

This payment method is perfect for those that use a mobile device to access real money casino games. Since almost everyone has a mobile phone, this is a great payment solution that can be used 24/7. With PugglePay, users can make instant deposits by entering their mobile phone number and a specific SMS code. When at an online casino, just select PugglePay as a payment option and then follow the directions to make a simple and fast transfer of funds.

Players will have to provide their correct mobile number and when a transaction is initiated, an SMS code will be sent. This will be required to complete any casino deposit that is being made. After conducting a transaction, an invoice from PugglePay will be created and users will have to pay the amount within 14 days of the invoice issue.

Benefits of PugglePay

The fast and easy process of making a casino deposit is one of the main benefits of this payment method. The funds will be instantly credited to the casino account and there are never any delays or obstacles. This method of payment is also one of the most convenient for players. With no long registration process and no need to provide bank or credit card information, this method is also one of the safest available. All that is needed is a mobile phone!

PugglePay can be used at any time, anywhere, so mobile gamblers have a great way to conduct transactions on the go and never miss out on any online or mobile casino action. With this easy to use method, Swedish players can always have a secure way to manage their casino account and make instant deposits.