Sofort and Online Casinos

Sofort Banking

With players from all over the world wanting to enjoy real money games at online casinos, casino sites offer multiple ways for players to deposit funds to their casino accounts. One such is Sofort, a popular method that is used by German and Austrian players. This method is widely accepted and provides players a fast and simple way to manage their casino accounts by allowing for instant deposits to be conducted.

How Sofort Works

To use Sofort, players will have to have an account at a German bank. This method of payment makes transfers directly from the bank account to the casino account. The great thing about this method is that players never have to create a Sofort account since about 99% of the banks in Germany support this method of payment. All that is needed is the bank information. With this, players can access the money in their bank account and transfer it to their casino account for the addition of instant funds to use on real money casino games.

Players will just use their banking information, including account and routing numbers to complete a deposit to a casino account. Simply select Sofort as a deposit method at the casino and then chose from the list of supported banks. Once one is selected, players will enter their account information and the transfer from the bank account to the casino account will occur. This is an instant transaction that provides a fast way to get started playing the great games that can be found online.

Security of Banking

Sofort understands the need for player information to always remain protected and for players to have fast and easy access to their funds. This is why Sofort has designed a method of payment hat is fast and simple, allowing anyone with a German bank account to easily use that account for casino transactions online. All transactions are completely secure and no sensitive information will ever be stored. Sofort proudly displays the seal of Approval from TUV and also has a certificate award for an approved payment System from TUV Saarland.

When using Sofort, players can be sure they are about to conduct a secure deposit to their favourite casino and can always access their bank account through this popular payment method for easy and fast deposits.