TrustPay and Online Casinos


Online casinos provide players from all over the world with the ability to play amazing games and have the chance to win real money payouts. To do this, one will have to register an account at the casino site and choose a payment method, like TrustPay. This will allow for deposits to be made, where players can then place real money wagers on games. TrustPay is one of the real-time methods that can be used by players in Slovakia and it is a fast and simple way to manage any online casino account.

How to Use TrustPay

TrustPay is not an independent payment method. Instead, it acts as a gateway, allowing players to easily use other methods of payment at any time. With this method, players can use MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, prepaid cards and other options to add funds to a supported online casino account. TrustPay will also support bank transfers and wires and is overseen by the National Bank of Slovakia. This method of payment is most popular among players who are from Eastern European locations, including Turkey and Finland.

When using this method, players will not have to create any TrustPay account. They will just have to have a Visa or MasterCard credit card, PayPal account or a Paysafecard prepaid voucher. However, those that wish to use a bank transfer will have to have an account at participating banks that are associated with TrustPay.

Making Deposits and Withdrawals

When choosing an online casino, players will want to ensure they can use TrustPay, so they will visit the cashier to determine this. They will then select TrustPay as a method of payment and choose how they will add funds to the casino account. They will then simply select the amount to transfer and the funds will instantly be available.

One of the great things about using TrustPay is that players can also conduct secure withdrawals. This is done by requesting a withdrawal at the casino site and selecting TrustPay as a method. The withdrawal method can only be used when requesting withdrawals to be sent to a bank account that is held at a participating bank.