uKash Online Casinos

About uKash


UKash is a simple, convenient and secure way to pay online. uKash is very easy to use, you do not need of a card or financial details, you have no risks and you are protected of fraud, and you have no statements, charges or fees. You can pay , play or shop with the help of uKash at many web sites. The personal data that uKash collects is used in order to ensure you the security and to allow uKash to send you, via e-mail, telephone, SMS and post, special offers and promotions. Using uKash there are no age restrictions.

How to protect your UKash?

You have not to email your uKash number and value to anyone. Do not give out uKash vouchers details to any eBay sellers because uKash currently is not accepted at eBay. Another important thing is: combine, split and convert your vouchers using uKash Tools.

How does uKash works?

Pay a uKash voucher in a shop, then use the unique 19 digit uKash number for online services. uKash can be used in United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany and Spain. There are no charges or fees deducted. It is just like paying online with cash.