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About Visa Delta

Visa Delta

You can shop online using Visa Delta - Visa Debit. It is a safe, quick and trustworthy system of payment that was the first Debit card in the UK before Switch. The funds are directly deducted from your bank account with no transfers requires. It is a easy way to transfer your money!

Visa Delta is issued by Visa in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The front of the card is identical to a Visa credit card with the addition of the words "DEBIT" or "DEBIT CARD".

How does Visa Delta work?

Visa Delta protects your money and privacy. Visa Delta provides a high developed system of security and protects your money from frauds. Visa Delta can be used like a Visa credit card worldwide. Retailers in some countries can however accept the card as a debit card rather than a normal Visa card. The transactions processed through the Visa clearing system, using the same card number, distinguishing it from other national debit card schemes which can be combined with Visa on a debit card.