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About WebMoney Transfer


WebMoney is a smart solution for online payments; it is multifunctional payment system that offers immediate and secure online transactions. WebMoney is a deposit system that offers fast, reliable and secure ttransactions. For each transaction you will be charged a 0.8% fee of no less than 0.01 WebMoney. No fee is charged when funds are transferred between Purses of same currency within one WebMoney ID. There are no boundaries or distances for e-currency transactions with WebMoney Transfer. You can use any WebMoney service in any place of the globe. WebMoney is not open for USA residents.

A customer can hide his personal details (for example name, last name, e-mail, postal address, etc) from public view. This however doesn't mean that this information was not provided to the system. When checking the WebMoney ID Passport details, you will see a green check for details supplied and verified and red cross for non-verified data.

How to use WebMoney?

To join WebMoney, you need to install a Client Interface from Webmoney website on your PC, PDA or mobile device, register with the System, accept its Terms of Use and receive WebMoney ID - your unique identification number, which will serve as your account number and identifier when using the System. The registration process also requires Verification. Every user should apply for and receive a WebMoney Passport - an online document, supplied during registration, which serves to verify your personal data.